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Twelve is an Acoustic Electronic Krautrock project. Most of my gear is vintage and analogue and I never use computers for recording or mastering.

I'm doing this because of my love for electronic and acoustic experimental music.

What you get is (a minimum of) 2 songs every month. There is also an option to release subscriber only songs as well as discounts on albums.

For those that don't do downloads we offer a Red Vinyl retro CD in a white Disco-bag wallet. Believe me, we are doing these for as cheap as we can £3.75 in fact and that's the price you pay for each one delivered to your door!!! (Costs for posting abroad are slightly higher but we have still kept them to the absolute minimum.)

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    For those who don't do downloads we offer a fantastic looking retro red vinyl CD in a white wallet bagged up and shipped to your house every month for a year.
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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
Nottingham, UK
Acoustic Electronic Analogue Neo Kraut Ambient Rock


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